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SWANA Excellence Awards

Sandoval County
Sandoval County Public Works

Rio Rancho, NM

Serving the fastest growing population in New Mexico, Sandoval County is deploying an array of innovative solid waste management strategies.  In addition to a major landfill expansion, the County has implemented containerized green waste composting, waste shredding, on-site recycling, and satellite transfer/recycling facilities.  GEI has provided engineering services since 1993.

Camino Real Landfill

Sunland Park, NM

At >2,500 tons per day, Camino Real is the largest landfill in NM.  GEI Principals have been providing design, permitting and environmental monitoring since 1990.  Camino Real was the first active MSW Landfill in NM to install a LFG control system, and GEI has certified 14 Subtitle D Landfill Cells.

Camino Real Landfill
Cerro Colorado Landfill
Cerro Colorado Landfill

Albuquerque, NM

The 865 acre City of Albuquerque solid waste complex includes recycling and diversion; and 45 years of Masterplan capacity. GEI has been selected on two qualification-based RFPs, and has provided a 20-year Permit Modification/Renewal; as well as bid phase services/CQA for installation of LFG controls, and transfer station upgrades.

South Central Solid Waste Transfer Station and Recycling Facility

Las Cruces, NM

Designed by GEI, this transfer station is the hub in the new Las Cruces/Doña Ana County integrated solid waste system and the largest in NM.  GEI Principals designed the Corralitos Landfill and performed CQA on subsequent landfill cells, and have obtained subsequent New Mexico Environment Department approvals for recycling, transfer, and landfill operations.

South Central Solid Waste Transfer Station
Miller Road
Miller Road Sanitary Landfill

Saginaw County, MI

Miller Road Landfill was the first new regional solid waste disposal facility to meet the new Michigan requirements for liners, leachate collection systems, etc.  Siting, design, and construction required 17 permits/approvals from local, state, and federal regulatory authorities.