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Oil/Gas and Hazardous/Radioactive Waste Projects

Oil and Gas Waste

Over the last several years, GEI has worked closely with the environmental regulators and the oil and gas production industry that they regulate to develop updated guidelines for the siting, design, and operations of "surface waste management" facilities.  We provded technical testimony on behalf of the industry on the new "Part 36" standards.  These guidelines provide direction in the processing and disposal of oil field generated materials that would be protective of human health and the environment surrounding the facilities.  GEI has successfully planned, designed, and developed a number of these facilities, helping them to become good stewards of the resources available and allowing them to recycle more petroleum products with less waste.  These efforts have included the feasibility analysis, planning, economic viability assessment, and development of processing facilities where petroleum waste products can be recovered for beneficial use, while providing environmentally secure disposal for the materials that cannot be recovered.  The waste disposal solutions are patterned after the geosynthetic containment designs that we have been using for over 25 years for hazardous waste facilities, regulated under Subtitle C of the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

For our oil and gas clients, we provide a full range of services, from planning and siting, to construction, operations and monitoring.  We obtained the first OCD "Part 36" Permit for a surface waste management facility in the San Juan Basin; and the first "Part 36" landfill in the Permian Basin.  We routinely work with NMED's Groundwater Quality Bureau on discharge permits for landfarms, voluntary remediation projects, basin design, for waste fluids and evaporation, etc.  With OCD, we are in the process of siting and permitting oil and gas waste management facilities, landfills, and landfarms.  We recently provided testimony for NMOGA in support of technical revision to the regulations requested by the industry.

Basin Disposal Basin Disposal Basin Disposal

Hazardous and Radioactive Waste

GEI provides a range of engineering, monitoring, and regulatory reporting services to hazardous waste (Subtitle C) management facilities.  In addition to our hazardous waste experience, GEI provides technical services for several facilities that manage radioactive materials and mixed (hazardous/radioactive) waste.  One example is the Waste Control Specialists (WCS) project located in Andrews County, Texas, which has authorizations for RCRA TSDF (treatment/storage/disposal) Section 11e(2) and 10 CFR Part 61 (Radioactive Waste Disposal) that manages mixed waste for the US Department of Energy. GEI has provided engineering and compliance services that include:

Waste Control Specialists

Other notable projects involving hazardous and radioactive waste include:

Since 2001, we have been retained by SM Stoller, the Carlsbad Technical Assistance Contractor (CTAC), and WTS to provide engineering and compliance assistance to DOE for the WIPP project.  Specific assignments include: