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Following are summaries of the professional credentials for GEI personnel. Detailed resumés are available upon request.

Mr. I. Keith Gordon, P.E., serves as Principal Engineer and President for Gordon Environmental, Inc. (GEI). He has over 38 years of engineering experience in the planning, design and execution of complex environmental projects and is a licensed Professional Engineer in 26 states. He was awarded a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from Northwestern University; geotechnical specialty.  Many of Mr. Gordon’s projects are solid, hazardous, radioactive and oil/gas waste management facilities, including landfills, transfer stations, and materials recovery facilities (MRFs); as well as landfill gas control/recovery systems. Successful implementation of these projects routinely involves compliance with an array of regulatory requirements. Mr. Gordon has extensive project experience with USEPA RCRA Subtitle C (Hazardous) and Subtitle D (Solid) Waste Programs; Federal (CERCLA) and State Superfund remediations; and local siting/zoning approvals. He regularly provides expert witness testimony at public hearings and in legal proceedings. Mr. Gordon was appointed to the Technical Advisory Committee providing assistance to USEPA on national solid waste facility siting issues; and was retained as editor for EPA’s “Solid Waste Transfer Stations: A Manual for Decision Making”.

Mr. Charles Fiedler, P.E.,LEED AP, serves as a Senior Project Director for Gordon Environmental, Inc. He has over 38 years of experience in oil and gas, municipal solid waste and environmental engineering, and is a nationally recognized expert in landfill construction and landfill gas system design and development. Mr. Fiedler has both a B.S. and M.S. in Civil Engineering from Texas A & M University specializing in solid waste management. Mr. Fiedler was the Engineer-of-Record for leachate recirculation and bioreactor development for the City of Denton, Texas landfill; the design, and permitting of the West Texas Regional Landfill near Lubbock, Texas; and the Clint Landfill near El Paso, Texas, among others. In New Mexico, he was responsible for the initial Permitting of Dog Canyon Landfill in Alamogordo, NM and the WMNM Landfill in Rio Rancho, NM. Mr. Fiedler has supervised Permit Application development and quality assurance for over 2,000 acres of landfill construction across the southwest US, including four landfill projects in NM.  He recently managed the permitting, design, and construction of the Alcalde Transfer Station in Rio Arriba County,

Mr. Carl King, P.E., serves as Senior Project Engineer for Gordon Environmental, Inc. He has over 30 years of experience managing environmental containment projects, including developing and constructing lined landfill cells, geosynthetic impoundments, transfer and material recovery projects and waste-to-energy facilities. Mr. King has served as a Site Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) Engineer for over 1,300 acres of Subtitle D municipal solid waste landfill cells and Subtitle C hazardous waste landfill cells in AZ, NM, OK and TX. Components included construction plan development, project technical specification, CQA Plans, etc. Technical elements include soil layers, GCL installation, HDPE geomembranes, leachate collection systems, protective soil layer evaluation and construction management. Mr. King’s site CQA Engineer duties included assessment and equivalency evaluation and calculations for liner and leachate collection system components in compliance with the Construction Plans, CQA Plan and Project Technical Specifications and state-specific standards.  Mr. King is a registered Professional Engineer in TX and NB, and was awarded degrees from Hiram College and then Cleveland State University with an M.S. in Environmental Engineering.

Mr. Michael J. Crepeau, P.E., serves as Project Manager for Gordon Environmental, Inc. His experience encompasses a wide variety of solid waste issues, primarily related to landfill engineering and regulatory compliance. His responsibilities include management of environmental monitoring projects, landfill preliminary screening and permitting, landfill gas and groundwater sampling/reporting, groundwater monitoring training, and water quality statistics. Additional experience includes preparation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) for 12 airports, 2 Landfills, and 4 transfer stations in New Mexico. He has also provided Tier 2 sample probe installation and sample collection oversight, and performed Tier 2 testing, reporting, and emissions calculations for landfills in New Mexico and Arizona.  Mr. Crepeau was awarded a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from NM Tech.

Ms. Dacia R. Tucholke serves as a Project Manager for Gordon Environmental, Inc. Her experience encompasses a wide variety of solid waste related issues. Her responsibilities include project management on landfill permitting and regulatory compliance projects, site characterization for solid waste, oil and gas, hazardous and radioactive waste processing and disposal facilities, and State and Federal environmental regulatory compliance. Ms. Tucholke has served as both a project and field manager for varied Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), groundwater monitoring, and remedial investigations. She has experience with geologic data management and served in this role on a subcontracted Federal project for Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). She has also prepared environmental monitoring reports and collected environmental samples. In addition, Ms. Tucholke has served as a cultural resources professional conducting research, survey, excavation, and material culture analyses. She has managed site investigations including the research and evaluation of characteristics such as topography, access, water resources and supply wells, floodplains, seismic stability and geology, cultural and biological resources, and site use history.  Ms. Tucholke was awarded  a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts in Anthropology and a M.A. from Arizona State University in Archaeology.

Mr. Mark Shepard, E.I.T., serves as a Project Scientist for Gordon Environmental, Inc. Mr. Shepard also serves as the CQA Monitor and on-site representative for projects. He provides observation of the Contractor’s liner installation activities and coordinates testing of installed HDPE and GCL liners, compacted soil subgrade, leachate collection system, etc. He works closely with the CQA Officer and the Contractor to maintain quality standards and to prepare the required documentation for the Engineering Certification Report. Mr. Shepard has 40-hour and current annual 8-hour refresher OSHA HAZWOPER training. His responsibilities also include the preparation of landfill gas and groundwater monitoring reports, water quality statistics, and the collection of environmental samples. Mr. Shepard was awarded a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from the NM Institute of Mining and Technology.

Ms. Sarah Schnell serves as Engineering Technician for Gordon Environmental, Inc. Her assignments focus on environmental sampling collection (groundwater, landfill gas, soils), and data acquisition and statistical evaluations.  She supervises monitoring well and boring installation, CQA oversight for cell construction and composite liner installation, and compliance reporting.  Ms. Schnell has performed routine environmental monitoring at more than 3 dozen active and closed sites within NM, and represented GEI at numerous additional special project sites in the state, including subsurface investigations, well installations, and oversight of remediation, excavation, construction, and closure projects.  She holds a NM Compost Facility Operator certification (since 2004) and is a member of the NM Recycling Coalition Board of Directors.  Ms. Schnell recently served as the Environmental Coordinator for Valenica County, uniquely positioned to address the environmental needs and challenges of small local governments.  Ms. Schnell was awarded a B.G.S. from NM Institute of Mining and Technology and an A.A.S. in Ecology, Environmental Technology from Paul Smith's College.

Mr. Don Gray serves as Engineering Technician for Gordon Environmental, Inc. His assignments encompass a wide variety of tasks for environmental projects and solid waste/recycling facilities. His responsibilities include environmental monitoring and sampling (i.e., groundwater, landfill gas, soils), boring and monitoring well installation, CQA oversight for composite liner installations including over 3.8 million square feet of geosynthetics landfill final covers and closures, and compliance reporting. Other duties have included developing Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans, and research assistance for special projects. Mr. Gray has five years of experience in setting up and managing a multi-million dollar glass recycling plant, turning post-consumer glass into a foamed glass aggregate product originating from the City of Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and Taos NM.

Mr. Alex McBrien, E.I.T., serves as a Staff Engineer for Gordon Environmental, Inc. His experience ranges across a number of Civil Engineering disciplines, in both the public and the private sectors. His primary responsibilities for GEI are as a design engineer for many facets of civil/environmental projects. He has contributed towards the development of a number of Engineering & Design Calculation segments, including Traffic Based Sizing, Corridor Design, Construction Cut/Fill Analyses, Landfill Volumetrics, Settlement, Hydrologic Evaluation of Landfill Performance (HELP) modelling, Slope Stability Analyses, Erosion modelling, Pipe Loading and Stormwater Drainage. He also is instrumental in the development of the Company’s Conceptual, Permit, Design, Construction and Construction Assurance plans, and utilizes the latest AutoCAD design software in this effort.  Mr. McBrien was awarded a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Clarkson University.

Mr. David Ill serves as Graphic Specialist for Gordon Environmental, Inc. His assignments focus on Autocad Design Drafting and Mapping, compilation of survey data to generate existing site condition mapping, design of intermediate and final grading plans. Mr. Ill develops cross-section drawings, drainage plans, leachate collection systems and pond drafting, engineering details and associated supporting graphics. He has devoted over 30 years to his speciality profession.